The Selfish Gene

I’m read­ing Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene at the moment, and I’m rather engrossed with it cur­rently — I’m a suck­er for pop sci. One thing I’ll have to say is that his style of argu­ment has def­in­itely reversed my pre­vi­ous opin­ion that bio­logy is a fluffy field of study. I won’t say much more because there are people who are able to make far more cap­able com­ment­ar­ies about the work, but I will say that the use of game the­ory, a cent­ral theme in my hon­ours work, in the study of evol­u­tion has opened my eyes to the wide applic­ab­il­ity of game the­or­et­ic approaches.

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    Hah, I knew you’d even­tu­ally see the light. Have not read The Selfish Gene, but The God Delu­sion is quite eye-open­ing. Although I think he’s just preach­ing to the con­ver­ted, which is more than a little iron­ic.

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