Google Ads on nointrigue

I recently signed up to Google AdSense when I con­ver­ted the main site search to using Google Cus­tom Search. (The rev­en­ue share on my accounts page is lis­ted as 0.0% for some strange reas­on though; I’m not sure what that means, but Google doesn’t actu­ally pub­licly reveal what share of the rev­en­ue they give you, so I’m not too wor­ried about that.)

Now, I’m tri­al­ling Google refer­ral ads as well. Because my site’s primary pur­pose isn’t to make me money, I’ve tried to make them as unob­trus­ive as pos­sible. Cur­rently, they’re only show­ing on stat­ic pages (such as the home page), and they’re just ads for Fire­fox and Google Pack — two pieces of soft­ware that I’m more than happy to recom­mend. I def­in­itely won’t be going down the AdWords path just yet — I don’t have pos­it­ive asso­ci­ation with those types of advert­ise­ments.

By the way, this is the truth.

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