Silverhawks: Getting around content restrictions

Media company executives love to put demonic content usage restrictions, probably just because they’re evil and bitter and have no love. Sure, I can understand that they need to protect their revenue streams and what not so they can feed the kids, but sometimes it’s just so retarded that I’m just thinking they just do it for kicks.

(Aside: Daniel was trying to remember the name of this TV show he watched a long time ago… the Wikipedia Reference Desk to the rescue! Next time you need some obscure fact and you need to pick a thousand brains, that’s where you go.)

Now, the Silverhawks article on Wikipedia has an alluring link to Full episodes of Silverhawks free at AOL Video in the external links section… except it comes with thorns. First off, it’s Windows only, so that rules out the 7.14% of people who don’t use Windows.

Next, it makes this silly insistence that you need to live in the US to view episodes of Silverhawks for free. For what good reason could this be? Maybe they still sell episodes of Silverhawks on VHS outside of the US. I’m sure that’s a roaring trade. Maybe it’s part of their deal with whoever actually owns the IP for Silverhawks. It certainly wasn’t out of a desire to save bandwidth, because I could actually download the “DVD quality” version for free… just not play it.

How does it know I’m in the US? There are only just about two ways of working this out that I could think of… my Control Panel settings, and of course, my IP address. So, I set up a proxy server on (using Privoxy), and used ssh to port forward to that. You also need to change your Control Panel location to the United States. Voila! It plays.

DRM 0. Enoch 1.

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