Silverhawks: Getting around content restrictions

Media com­pany exec­ut­ives love to put demon­ic con­tent usage restric­tions, prob­ably just because they’re evil and bit­ter and have no love. Sure, I can under­stand that they need to pro­tect their rev­en­ue streams and what not so they can feed the kids, but some­times it’s just so retarded that I’m just think­ing they just do it for kicks.

(Aside: Daniel was try­ing to remem­ber the name of this TV show he watched a long time ago… the Wiki­pe­dia Ref­er­ence Desk to the res­cue! Next time you need some obscure fact and you need to pick a thou­sand brains, that’s where you go.)

Now, the Sil­ver­hawks art­icle on Wiki­pe­dia has an allur­ing link to Full epis­odes of Sil­ver­hawks free at AOL Video in the extern­al links sec­tion… except it comes with thorns. First off, it’s Win­dows only, so that rules out the 7.14% of people who don’t use Win­dows.

Next, it makes this silly insist­ence that you need to live in the US to view epis­odes of Sil­ver­hawks for free. For what good reas­on could this be? Maybe they still sell epis­odes of Sil­ver­hawks on VHS out­side of the US. I’m sure that’s a roar­ing trade. Maybe it’s part of their deal with who­ever actu­ally owns the IP for Sil­ver­hawks. It cer­tainly wasn’t out of a desire to save band­width, because I could actu­ally down­load the “DVD qual­ity” ver­sion for free… just not play it.

How does it know I’m in the US? There are only just about two ways of work­ing this out that I could think of… my Con­trol Pan­el set­tings, and of course, my IP address. So, I set up a proxy serv­er on nointrigue​.com (using Privoxy), and used ssh to port for­ward to that. You also need to change your Con­trol Pan­el loc­a­tion to the United States. Voila! It plays.

DRM 0. Enoch 1.

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