Wikipedia in the news: 26 May 2008

High-school stu­dents study course on Wiki­pe­dia

HSC stu­dents to get Wiki­pe­dia course – As of next year, the Eng­lish cur­riculum for stu­dents sit­ting for the High­er School Cer­ti­fic­ate, which is taken in New South Wales, Aus­tralia, will incor­por­ate an elect­ive called “Glob­al Vil­lage”, which will include the option of study­ing Wiki­pe­dia. Explain­ing the choice of Wiki­pe­dia, the Eng­lish inspect­or at the Board of Stud­ies, which over­sees the HSC, said that Wiki­pe­dia reflects “notions of the glob­al vil­lage”, and that the course will allow stu­dents to exam­ine com­mu­nic­a­tions on a glob­al scale. There has been a pos­it­ive response from edu​ca​tion​.au, a not-for-profit edu­ca­tion­al organ­isa­tion that brought Wiki­pe­dia co-founder Jimmy Wales to Aus­tralia on a speak­ing engage­ment last year. The CEO of edu​ca​tion​.au, Greg Black, said that young people need to learn how to under­stand and con­tex­tu­al­ise the inform­a­tion they gath­er on the Inter­net and to determ­ine “wheth­er there’s an altern­at­ive view”.

Oth­er men­tions

Oth­er recent men­tions in the online press include:

  • Clinton’s entry in Wiki­pe­dia has a watch­dog – One of the edit­ors watch­ing over Hil­lary Clinton’s Wiki­pe­dia bio­graphy has been brought unex­pec­ted celebrity and is pro­filed by this art­icle.
  • The Wiki busi­ness plan – Sue Gard­ner and Kul Wad­h­wa talk about growth plans for Wiki­me­dia, the busi­ness side of the found­a­tion, and future oppor­tun­it­ies.
  • REPN TRI to the FULLEST!!! — “[A]s a mod­el of dis­course, it’s a kill­joy”; this author believes that the style of the prose on Wiki­pe­dia is apt to lead stu­dents to believe that intel­lec­tu­al dis­course is “leaden” and “spir­it­less”.

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