2008 Semester 2 Calendar

I’ve cre­ated my own wall cal­en­dar for semester 2, 2008, and you are free to use it if you like it. It’s big enough to see it at a desk’s depth away and to jot down import­ant events and assess­ments. The cal­en­dar is cor­rect for the Uni­ver­sity of Sydney, and I’m not sure wheth­er it would be suit­able for use at oth­er uni­ver­sit­ies.

I have oth­er monthly cal­en­dars and a com­puter-based cal­en­dar to do all my actu­al event schedul­ing, but being able to see the entire semester in full does put everything into per­spect­ive — a semester really is quite short! (I’m cross­ing off the days as they go by — a tick­ing time bomb!)

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