Can you access Planet 3 using Opera Mini?

The Planet 3 services can be accessed on your 3 phone by pressing the button on the home screen, which launches the phone’s default browser.

But what if you want to use Planet 3 using Opera Mini?

The short answer is, you can’t. The author of this post thinks that it’s due to the server restricting access to the built-in browsers, but I don’t think this is the correct reason.

Opera Mini, according to Wikipedia, uses a proxy server hosted by Opera that renders the page in a special compressed format. Now, it should be axiomatic that Planet 3 is not accessible outside the 3 network, and the proxy servers are definitely located outside the network. Q.E.D.

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  1. decoder’s avatar

    Hello Enoch,

    Yes you are also correct and technically yours is the better answer. You can actually also access Planet 3 via your PC if you are using a 3NetConnect card by simply visiting

    This does work providing of course you are not behind an external proxy.



  2. Dan’s avatar

    Is there an option to make it not go through Opera’s servers?

  3. Enoch Lau’s avatar

    Daniel: your comments were flagged by Akismet as spam for some reason, so that’s why they didn’t show up.

    No, it’s not possible to have it not go through Opera’s servers, because the compression mechanism is (seemingly) fundamental to how it displays the page on screen (and I’ve checked the options page carefully to see whether there’s such an option).

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