Can you access Planet 3 using Opera Mini?

The Planet 3 ser­vices can be accessed on your 3 phone by press­ing the but­ton on the home screen, which launches the phone’s default browser.

But what if you want to use Planet 3 using Opera Mini?

The short answer is, you can’t. The author of this post thinks that it’s due to the server restrict­ing access to the built-​​in browsers, but I don’t think this is the cor­rect reason.

Opera Mini, accord­ing to Wiki­pe­dia, uses a proxy server hos­ted by Opera that renders the page in a spe­cial com­pressed format. Now, it should be axio­matic that Planet 3 is not access­ible out­side the 3 net­work, and the proxy serv­ers are def­in­itely loc­ated out­side the net­work. Q.E.D.

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  1. decoder’s avatar

    Hello Enoch,

    Yes you are also cor­rect and tech­nic­ally yours is the bet­ter answer. You can actu­ally also access Planet 3 via your PC if you are using a 3NetConnect card by simply vis­it­ing http://​three​.net​.au.

    This does work provid­ing of course you are not behind an external proxy.




  2. Dan’s avatar

    Is there an option to make it not go through Opera’s servers?


  3. Enoch Lau’s avatar

    Daniel: your com­ments were flagged by Akismet as spam for some reason, so that’s why they didn’t show up.

    No, it’s not pos­sible to have it not go through Opera’s serv­ers, because the com­pres­sion mech­an­ism is (seem­ingly) fun­da­mental to how it dis­plays the page on screen (and I’ve checked the options page care­fully to see whether there’s such an option).



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