“Let’s go for a laksa”

I was savouring the delightful descriptions of one of my favourite dishes, laksa, in this New York Times article, when I almost choked upon this surprising factoid:

Curry laksa is hugely popular in Australia, especially Sydney, where the pan-Asian culinary influence has turned “let’s go for a laksa” into common post-pub parlance.

Perhaps I don’t go to pubs often enough, but is this really so?

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  1. Dan’s avatar

    No it is not true.

    1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

      I’m not even sure where you’d go to buy laksa late at night…

      Is this a symptom of the slow, sorry decline of the mighty Times?

    2. Dan’s avatar

      It’s not the kind of factoid that an editor in New York could easily verify. The author is an idjit for embellishing it with the “post-pub parlance” bit, because it would otherwise be true. Laksa is popular.

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