“Let’s go for a laksa”

I was savour­ing the delight­ful descrip­tions of one of my favour­ite dishes, laksa, in this New York Times art­icle, when I almost choked upon this sur­pris­ing fact­oid:

Curry laksa is hugely pop­u­lar in Aus­tralia, espe­cially Sydney, where the pan-Asi­an culin­ary influ­ence has turned “let’s go for a laksa” into com­mon post-pub par­lance.

Per­haps I don’t go to pubs often enough, but is this really so?

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  1. Dan’s avatar

    No it is not true.

    1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

      I’m not even sure where you’d go to buy laksa late at night…

      Is this a symp­tom of the slow, sorry decline of the mighty Times?

    2. Dan’s avatar

      It’s not the kind of fact­oid that an edit­or in New York could eas­ily veri­fy. The author is an idjit for embel­lish­ing it with the “post-pub par­lance” bit, because it would oth­er­wise be true. Laksa is pop­u­lar.

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