Additional services to East Hills

It appears that CityRail quietly changed the timetable without telling anyone. This week, I’ve caught a couple of outbound trains along the Airport & East Hills line that stop all stations to Kingsgrove and then East Hills. I thought they took an all stations to East Hills service and cut out all the stations in between, but looking at the timetable, I now realise they’ve taken the services that are supposed to terminate at Kingsgrove and extended them to East Hills. The first one is at 8:23pm at Central and then every half hour until 10:23pm. The time taken from Kingsgrove to East Hills non-stop is just over 10 minutes.

The strangest thing is that they haven’t made any announcements at all, not on the web and not on noticeboards at stations either.



  1. Greg Darke’s avatar

    I thought this was due to the changes that were announced in December. They were made since the new turn-back at Reversby is now completed

    1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

      You’re right in that they put out a new timetable, but these changes weren’t on the list of changes they put out in December, nor do they appear on the timetable as currently published. I think it’s a recent change because the driver on Monday was utterly confused…

    2. Dan’s avatar

      For an organisation with so few successes you’d think they would want to bignote this one.

      1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

        It was temporary. It has been back to stopping at Kingsgrove for a while now.

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