Additional services to East Hills

It appears that CityRail quietly changed the timetable without telling any­one. This week, I’ve caught a couple of out­bound trains along the Air­port & East Hills line that stop all sta­tions to Kings­grove and then East Hills. I thought they took an all sta­tions to East Hills ser­vice and cut out all the sta­tions in between, but look­ing at the timetable, I now real­ise they’ve taken the ser­vices that are sup­posed to ter­min­ate at Kings­grove and exten­ded them to East Hills. The first one is at 8:23pm at Cent­ral and then every half hour until 10:23pm. The time taken from Kings­grove to East Hills non-stop is just over 10 minutes.

The strangest thing is that they haven’t made any announce­ments at all, not on the web and not on notice­boards at sta­tions either.



  1. Greg Darke’s avatar

    I thought this was due to the changes that were announced in Decem­ber. They were made since the new turn-back at Reversby is now com­pleted

    1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

      You’re right in that they put out a new timetable, but these changes weren’t on the list of changes they put out in Decem­ber, nor do they appear on the timetable as cur­rently pub­lished. I think it’s a recent change because the driver on Monday was utterly con­fused…

    2. Dan’s avatar

      For an organ­isa­tion with so few suc­cesses you’d think they would want to big­note this one.

      1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

        It was tem­por­ary. It has been back to stop­ping at Kings­grove for a while now.

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