Oh look what I found

I have two main problems with cleaning my room: getting dust up my nose so that I end up sneezing for the next three hours, and finding things from the past.

Extracted from the Year 6 Yearbook from all the way back in 1997:


It really is quite revealing when you read what you wrote back in Year 6. Somehow I wanted to be a lawyer and liked most sports. What was I thinking?


What I found most interesting were the similarities. I think I must’ve copied Daniel because I didn’t know what to write.

Update: Daniel says that what he meant in his profile about being a doctor and not a G.P. is not that he wants to become a specialist surgeon, but to get a PhD. He’s well on his way there. And Anupam’s profile was rather similar too – which suggests that the three of us wrote it together. Remember, ADE4AID and Hanson, Daniel, or am I digging too deep now?



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    1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

      I can now write explosive exposés for gossip mags and Today Tonight and sell them for millions! Or maybe less.

    2. Ru Jih’s avatar

      This is like the best discovery EVER! =p *thumbs up*

      1. Tommy Chen’s avatar

        LOL so you’ve wanted to be a lawyer ALL ALONG?

        1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

          I don’t think I harboured such thoughts throughout most of high school, actually. The rest of the profile seems to suggest that I was an arrogant little brat, and the lawyer part just reinforces that…

        2. Dan’s avatar

          Lol, was ADE4AID a unincorporated association? We disliked the 3 Hs. Hanson, Hanson, and Hypoclub.

          1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

            Yes, the three evil H’s. What assets did we have? I only seem to remember a flag on top of a mound of blu tac.

          2. Anh Pham’s avatar

            You’re so smart and funny back then :D, as always Enoch :). I guess your list of “favorite people” should be added by 1 (girl) now right haha

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