Reaping what you sow in the creative commons

I’ve con­trib­uted many of my pho­tos to the Wiki­me­dia Com­mons, and I’m pleased to see that some of them have spread bey­ond the Wiki­me­dia world.

But the fact that someone turned some­thing mundane like this:

into some­thing like this:

blows me away. It reminds me why I con­trib­ute: to add to the glob­al com­mons, the glob­al cul­tur­al melt­ing pot where oth­ers can express them­selves, by using and re-using, free from con­cerns about intel­lec­tu­al prop­erty rights.

Ori­gin­al work | Deriv­at­ive work (search for Enoch Lau about halfway down)

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  1. David Shankbone’s avatar

    That’s fant­ast­ic — con­grat­u­la­tions for inspir­ing someone else’s art with your own!

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