What is going on?

I got an email half an hour ago that said this:

Dear Enoch­lau,

We notice you haven’t edited Wiki­pe­dia for some time. Per­haps you grew dis­il­lu­sioned with the pro­ject after see­ing the cor­rup­tion and bur­eau­cracy at every level? If so, why not help us to help you. We are cur­rently expand­ing our port­fo­lio of admin­is­trator accounts, and as yours remains dormant per­haps you could con­sider donat­ing it to us — to do so will take you only two minutes: change the pass­word (if desired) and then reply to this email with your login details. We’ll do the rest!

Thank you for your time and con­sid­er­a­tion, and nat­ur­ally do not hes­it­ate to con­tact us if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

The Wiki­pe­dia Free­dom Fighters

It was appar­ently sent by sent by user “The C for WF” on the Eng­lish Wiki­pe­dia: no user page, but yes there is an account.

What on earth is going on? (And no, I’m def­in­itely not going to give them my account even if I haven’t edited for a while.)

    1. FredO’s avatar

      This reminds me of a weird ad I’ve noticed last week (see http://​www​.get​a​freel​an​cer​.com/​p​r​o​j​e​c​t​s​/​M​o​r​i​d​i​n​_​4​2​5​4​1​9​.​h​tml ). The last sen­tence, “More ongo­ing work will be avail­able for real Wiki admins” seems quite… intriguing.


      1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

        “The inform­a­tion will add qual­ity to Wiki­pe­dia entries.” — hilarious.


      2. Tommy’s avatar

        Not a bad idea, actu­ally. I’d sup­port it. There are a few admins I wouldn’t mind see­ing Wiki-​​ambushed by a bunch of par­tis­ans armed with pitch­forks, meta­phor­ic­ally speak­ing =P



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