What is going on?

I got an email half an hour ago that said this:

Dear Enochlau,

We notice you haven’t edited Wikipedia for some time. Perhaps you grew disillusioned with the project after seeing the corruption and bureaucracy at every level? If so, why not help us to help you. We are currently expanding our portfolio of administrator accounts, and as yours remains dormant perhaps you could consider donating it to us – to do so will take you only two minutes: change the password (if desired) and then reply to this email with your login details. We’ll do the rest!

Thank you for your time and consideration, and naturally do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

The Wikipedia Freedom Fighters

It was apparently sent by sent by user “The C for WF” on the English Wikipedia: no user page, but yes there is an account.

What on earth is going on? (And no, I’m definitely not going to give them my account even if I haven’t edited for a while.)


    1. FredO’s avatar

      This reminds me of a weird ad I’ve noticed last week (see http://www.getafreelancer.com/projects/Moridin_425419.html ). The last sentence, “More ongoing work will be available for real Wiki admins” seems quite… intriguing.

      1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

        “The information will add quality to Wikipedia entries.” — hilarious.

      2. Tommy’s avatar

        Not a bad idea, actually. I’d support it. There are a few admins I wouldn’t mind seeing Wiki-ambushed by a bunch of partisans armed with pitchforks, metaphorically speaking =P

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