UNSW JD and new city campus

The ads at the uni bus stop are hard to miss: UNSW now offers Juris Doctor for graduates instead of LLB. What’s the difference? From what I can see, postgraduates will be taught separately from undergraduates, JD students can take Masters-level courses as electives, and some of the courses might be taught at their new city campus. Intriguing.

Speaking of which, I only just found out that UNSW had opened a city campus on O’Connell Street, right in the heart of the financial and legal district in Sydney. If you look at the photos, a Sydney Uni law graduate intimately familiar with the bowels of the old law school might be left just somewhat envious. Sydney Uni had better do something soon, because UNSW has just taken away a point of competitive advantage, our city location.

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    hi my dear friend, i’m vexed about whether to accept the UNSW JD or ANU JD.it seems that ANU has a better international reputation while UNSW has better location. My priority after graduation is job hunting, could you give me some suggetions as a outsider? since students from both uni can hardly be rational, i’ll very appreciate your response for it’s a huge&risky investment to me~ thanks in advance, you can email me~

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