UNSW JD and new city campus

The ads at the uni bus stop are hard to miss: UNSW now offers Jur­is Doc­tor for gradu­ates instead of LLB. What’s the dif­fer­ence? From what I can see, post­gradu­ates will be taught sep­ar­ately from under­gradu­ates, JD stu­dents can take Mas­ters-level courses as elect­ives, and some of the courses might be taught at their new city cam­pus. Intriguing.

Speak­ing of which, I only just found out that UNSW had opened a city cam­pus on O’Connell Street, right in the heart of the fin­an­cial and leg­al dis­trict in Sydney. If you look at the pho­tos, a Sydney Uni law gradu­ate intim­ately famil­i­ar with the bowels of the old law school might be left just some­what envi­ous. Sydney Uni had bet­ter do some­thing soon, because UNSW has just taken away a point of com­pet­it­ive advant­age, our city loc­a­tion.

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    hi my dear friend, i’m vexed about wheth­er to accept the UNSW JD or ANU JD​.it seems that ANU has a bet­ter inter­na­tion­al repu­ta­tion while UNSW has bet­ter loc­a­tion. My pri­or­ity after gradu­ation is job hunt­ing, could you give me some sug­ge­tions as a out­sider? since stu­dents from both uni can hardly be ration­al, i’ll very appre­ci­ate your response for it’s a huge&risky invest­ment to me~ thanks in advance, you can email me~

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