The death of suitsbeta

When the SUITS web server went down a couple of weeks ago, the skies darkened and there was much outpouring of grief.

In the words of one committee member:

At approximately 1445 today, suitsbeta shut itself down, never to wake up again. Attempts were made to revive it by powering it up, but alas it failed to POST. Our thoughts go out to its family and friends.

Another expressed regret:

It was nice knowing you suitsbeta. We’re sad that you toiled alone and in sickness for your last few months.

But it was well-loved:

Although I did not log into suitsbeta many times I did appreciate the machine and the contribution it made to this society. Few can claim to have sustained such continuous service to the society and its members, never asking for recognition or relief.

However, death can give rise to hope:

The memory of suitsbeta’s cranky innards will live on in the cron messages, reboot requests, and database errors that pepper my email archives. May the metal be reborn and the warnings silenced.