The death of suitsbeta

When the SUITS web serv­er went down a couple of weeks ago, the skies darkened and there was much out­pour­ing of grief.

In the words of one com­mit­tee mem­ber:

At approx­im­ately 1445 today, suits­beta shut itself down, nev­er to wake up again. Attempts were made to revive it by power­ing it up, but alas it failed to POST. Our thoughts go out to its fam­ily and friends.

Anoth­er expressed regret:

It was nice know­ing you suits­beta. We’re sad that you toiled alone and in sick­ness for your last few months.

But it was well-loved:

Although I did not log into suits­beta many times I did appre­ci­ate the machine and the con­tri­bu­tion it made to this soci­ety. Few can claim to have sus­tained such con­tinu­ous ser­vice to the soci­ety and its mem­bers, nev­er ask­ing for recog­ni­tion or relief.

How­ever, death can give rise to hope:

The memory of suitsbeta’s cranky innards will live on in the cron mes­sages, reboot requests, and data­base errors that pep­per my email archives. May the met­al be reborn and the warn­ings silenced.