Ugly people

Berkoff v Burchill [1996] 4 All ER 1008 at 1019 per Mil­lett LJ:

It is a com­mon exper­i­ence that ugly people have sat­is­fact­ory social lives — Bor­is Kar­loff is not known to have been a recluse — and it is a pop­u­lar belief for the truth of which I am unable to vouch that ugly men are par­tic­u­larly attract­ive to women.

Trivia: Lord Mil­lett has a Chinese name, 苗禮治 (miu4 lai5 ci4), pre­sum­ably because he is now sit­ting on the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong.


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    The HK Court of Final Appeal is like the Dubai of inter­na­tion­al soc­cer — play­ers go there when they are near retire­ment to earn a couple of more years salar­ies.

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