Spatial Data Visualization

I gave a talk at Google I/O in June this year with fellow Googler Brendan Kenny, on the topic of Spatial Data Visualization using the Google Maps API:

If you’re interested in playing with the demos yourself, follow along with the slides, and perhaps even take a look at the source code!


  1. Gijs Nijholt’s avatar

    Hi! I really enjoyed watching the video, and I was wondering if you could point me to the source code if it’s available.. Especially the WebGL/GLSL parts are of interest to me. Thanks!

    1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

      Hi Gijs, the slides linked above ( contains (most of) the live demos iframed. If there is a particular demo that you’d like that was taken out when we uploaded the slides, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

      For WebGL, CanvasLayer is an open source utility that can be found here:

    2. marlu’s avatar

      Hi Enoch, Great video about the data visualization. I have a question about the heat map implementation. You mention at 07:35s that you use the ocean polygon data to create sharp edges on the heat map overlay.
      I have the heatmap overlay and the polygon data I would like to use for the border, but it’s not clear to me how I could implement this.
      Is the border polygon data actually added as a new overlay layer on top of the heatmap? or a setting in the heatmap object?
      Could you point me in the right direction? Would really appreciate it.

      1. marlu’s avatar

        Sorry, was a bit to fast with my post. I’ve looked into the source code of the demo and found how it’s created: It’s actually drawn right on top of the heatmap overlay. However this is an implementation I won’t be able to use: I basically would like to ‘mask’ the heatmap overlay in a way that a sharp border will be added, but the actual googlemap will still be visible around it. Do you know if this is possible?

        1. Enoch Lau’s avatar

          No, I don’t think that’s possible. Consider filing a feature request here:

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