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Happy New Year… to all my readers! May 2010 bring world peace, perpetual happiness and an Apple slate computer. — Enoch, in Rome.

05 Jan 2010 | 4 comments

Ok! Packing’s nearly done and I’m just about to scoot off to the airport. Me and Dan will be travelling to the USA, Europe and parts of Asia over the next few months – can’t wait!

25 Nov 2009 | 2 comments

Optus, Optus, Optus. You really like screwing over your customers right? I really didn’t appreciate having to work out why my home network printer stopped working right in the middle of exams — because you screwed with DNS to earn a few easy quid. (Same goes for you, Telstra.)

19 Nov 2009 | No comments

The International Free and Open Source Software Law Review – about time, although, of course, it’s more for lawyers than FOSS enthusiasts.

18 Oct 2009 | No comments

The Hubble Space telescope is back in action after its servicing mission in May this year, producing even more spectacular images.

10 Sep 2009 | No comments

In a competition run by Nuffnangmy blog post was judged the most frugal way to spend $10 at Coles! Many kudos to Ru Jih for shopping, eating and spending a great night with me!

07 Sep 2009 | 5 comments

Dan and I, back in third year, wrote up our Australian constitutional law case summaries as Wikipedia articles as we were studying them: click here for a list of case summaries. (We didn’t quite finish though: the red links link to pages that don’t exist.)

01 Sep 2009 | No comments

“I now come to the Galapagos Islands Division of the law of torts, namely, defamation… The giant turtles of defamation have evolved their own dialect, arcane customs and overly subtle distinctions.” — Justice Ipp, “Themes In The Law Of Torts” (Speech, 16 March 2007)

26 Aug 2009 | 1 comment

Fairfax Media posts a $380 million loss, and the SMH online puzzle and crossword service is closing from August 31 — maybe it really is time for all of us freeloaders to, god forbid, start paying for our news.

25 Aug 2009 | No comments

If you happen to chance by the men’s bathroom on level 1 of the law school, you’ll notice that the taps spew forth boiling water that’s pretty much unusable. Perhaps it’s the university’s latest attempt to combat swine flu: after all, cooked pork poses no threat of transmission.

24 Aug 2009 | No comments

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