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Happy New Year… to all my read­ers! May 2010 bring world peace, per­petu­al hap­pi­ness and an Apple slate com­puter. – Enoch, in Rome.

05 Jan 2010 | 4 comments

Ok! Packing’s nearly done and I’m just about to scoot off to the air­port. Me and Dan will be trav­el­ling to the USA, Europe and parts of Asia over the next few months — can’t wait!

25 Nov 2009 | 2 comments

Optus, Optus, Optus. You really like screw­ing over your cus­tom­ers right? I really didn’t appre­ci­ate hav­ing to work out why my home net­work print­er stopped work­ing right in the middle of exams — because you screwed with DNS to earn a few easy quid. (Same goes for you, Tel­stra.)

19 Nov 2009 | No comments

The Inter­na­tion­al Free and Open Source Soft­ware Law Review — about time, although, of course, it’s more for law­yers than FOSS enthu­si­asts.

18 Oct 2009 | No comments

The Hubble Space tele­scope is back in action after its ser­vi­cing mis­sion in May this year, pro­du­cing even more spec­tac­u­lar images.

10 Sep 2009 | No comments

In a com­pet­i­tion run by Nuffn­angmy blog post was judged the most frugal way to spend $10 at Coles! Many kudos to Ru Jih for shop­ping, eat­ing and spend­ing a great night with me!

07 Sep 2009 | 5 comments

Dan and I, back in third year, wrote up our Aus­trali­an con­sti­tu­tion­al law case sum­mar­ies as Wiki­pe­dia art­icles as we were study­ing them: click here for a list of case sum­mar­ies. (We didn’t quite fin­ish though: the red links link to pages that don’t exist.)

01 Sep 2009 | No comments

“I now come to the Galapa­gos Islands Divi­sion of the law of torts, namely, defam­a­tion… The giant turtles of defam­a­tion have evolved their own dia­lect, arcane cus­toms and overly subtle dis­tinc­tions.” — Justice Ipp, “Themes In The Law Of Torts” (Speech, 16 March 2007)

26 Aug 2009 | 1 comment

Fair­fax Media posts a $380 mil­lion loss, and the SMH online puzzle and cross­word ser­vice is clos­ing from August 31 — maybe it really is time for all of us free­load­ers to, god for­bid, start pay­ing for our news.

25 Aug 2009 | No comments

If you hap­pen to chance by the men’s bath­room on level 1 of the law school, you’ll notice that the taps spew forth boil­ing water that’s pretty much unus­able. Per­haps it’s the university’s latest attempt to com­bat swine flu: after all, cooked pork poses no threat of trans­mis­sion.

24 Aug 2009 | No comments

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