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Flames to dust, lovers to friends.

Looking backwards through the window of time, it’s always tempting to focus just on the good times, and wanting more of those. If someone offered you a lifetime of good times and nothing else, who wouldn’t take that?

But life isn’t like that.

It’s like how you have to eat the lettuce along with the bacon bits in a Caesar salad. If you wanted to invent a new salad, composed just of bacon bits, that’s probably a bad idea.

Yin and yang.

I’m not saying it’s bad to look through that window, gazing at close memories, and peering at those further away, hazy through the fog of time. It’s important to hold onto those memories, those experiences with travellers whose paths no longer cross yours – because without them, what is left?

Yesterday, I packed up six years of memories into two suitcases and a few boxes, and drove them back to my parents’ house. We did the things that had to be done, had a farewell hug, and said good bye.

It’s funny to think that two suitcases and a few boxes is the entire physical manifestation of six years. But I leave with more than just that, and I hope you do too.

It will be tempting to think, what if? But time continues forward, as it always has and always will. This isn’t the time for regret; it is the time for us to grow, albeit apart.

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I’ve been working with GPlates for eight weeks now, and in this time, I’ve added a new tool to measure distances on the surface of the earth.

Measuring distances in GPlates

Measuring distances in GPlates

Hardly earth-shattering (excuse the pun), but its simplicity belies some of the changes under the hood; it incorporates the (new) ability to render text on the globe, for example. It’s all checked into trunk and should appear in the next major release!



These words could almost have come straight from your mouth:

It’s all because
I waited for so long, you showed me you were the one
I gave you my heart, right from the very start so
Everytime you lied, I knew inside, get another chance
I was hurting, I was broken
I stayed too long and so that’s why you didn’t think that I’d move on

It’s all because
I loved you, I held you, I believed you

You gave me just one thing, but taking from the beginning
You left me a heartache, how much more could I take
With every alibi, that made me cry, I’d still gave you more
I should’ve given up, when I had had enough
But I stayed too long, that’s why you didn’t think that I’d move on

It’s all because
I loved you, I held you, I believed you

What we once had, I’ve destroyed. What was once between us, is now gone. I know I’ve let you down, disappointed you, angered you, beyond what you should have had to take.

But I loved you.

Today, we have an “anonymous” guest comic strip:

I have two main problems with cleaning my room: getting dust up my nose so that I end up sneezing for the next three hours, and finding things from the past.

Extracted from the Year 6 Yearbook from all the way back in 1997:


It really is quite revealing when you read what you wrote back in Year 6. Somehow I wanted to be a lawyer and liked most sports. What was I thinking?


What I found most interesting were the similarities. I think I must’ve copied Daniel because I didn’t know what to write.

Update: Daniel says that what he meant in his profile about being a doctor and not a G.P. is not that he wants to become a specialist surgeon, but to get a PhD. He’s well on his way there. And Anupam’s profile was rather similar too – which suggests that the three of us wrote it together. Remember, ADE4AID and Hanson, Daniel, or am I digging too deep now?


I am currently standing at Revesby station fuming over why CityRail can’t do anything to accommodate customers they screw over. My train just got cancelled and I will be late to a presentation that I need to attend at work. My completely reasonable request that the next express train that zooms past make an unscheduled stop was denied because the next train arrives in just 9 minutes. Perfectly sound reasoning if it weren’t for the fact this means we arrive in the city 25 minutes later and office workers can’t get in before 9am.

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The metallic screeches of train wheels as a tin can enters the ever-popular Airport Line tunnel. The smell of salt as you lean over the peeling railings of a Sydney Ferry. A smattering of the day’s rubbish swirling outside closed shop-fronts early in the evening.

We enjoy the daily Sydney grind. We hope you do too.

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Testing one two three

Somehow this failed to work in Opera Mini on my mobile…

ok will blog about hong kong now…

i don’t know whether to blame Opera or WordPress – because it used to work!

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Daniel somehow managed to come up with URINATE and URIC, and almost got URINAL while playing Literati today :S

What is Yahoo trying to say?

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