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Looks like I’m not the only one who loses clip-ons. They’re so expens­ive! I’m par­tic­u­larly prone, on aver­age los­ing about one per year. The thing is, they’re so light that if you drop them, you can’t hear it clink against the ground. Lately, I’ve taken to repla­cing the clip-ons into the glasses box reli­giously after use, and also tying the glasses box to my back­pack after it mys­ter­i­ously fell out of my bag on the train one day. Ah, the price of being short-sighted… real sun­nies look so much bet­ter!

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Daniel found some­thing recently that I had com­pletely for­got­ten about… it was the census of the OC class at Pic­nic Point that I cre­ated when I was in Year 6. That was 10 years ago! Did you know (or want to know) that over a third of the class liked Han­son? And what kind of an ancient TV show was Ancient Proph­ecies? It came in a dis­tant second from the Simpsons, but it beat everything else. Daniel scanned it in and you can grab it here: pdf.

I also knocked up a Power­Point present­a­tion, just to see what it could’ve looked like if I had Office 2007 back in Year 6. It’s shiny! Take a look here: pptx, pdf.

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Some blogs are inter­est­ing. Oth­er blogs are insight­ful. Oth­ers just cata­logue the lives of their inter­est­ing own­ers. This blog pre­tends to be none of these.

This blog is bor­ing. Sorry, but I’m not much of a blog­ger. But there are times and situ­ations where a blog is the best way for me to write some­thing, and this is where I’ll write it. I’m no longer a Vis­lab­ber, so my years of blog­ging there have come to an end… and Win­dows Live Spaces just doesn’t cut it. It’s crap. Yes, it’s from Microsoft, but yes, I’m say­ing it’s crap. For most oth­er people, that prob­ably trans­lates to “I’d rather have my legs torn off”.

So what will you find on here? I’ll prob­ably use this blog like I used to use my blog at Vis­lab — to keep track of pro­gress in my Hon­ours pro­ject, and to jot down inter­est­ing tid-bits of stuff that that I come across that I want to share with the rest of the world. Sure, my audi­ence here will be smal­ler, but if you do read what I write here, let me know. Sign up to the RSS feed, or just add this to your book­marks 😛

Ciao for now.


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