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Looks like I’m not the only one who loses clip-ons. They’re so expensive! I’m particularly prone, on average losing about one per year. The thing is, they’re so light that if you drop them, you can’t hear it clink against the ground. Lately, I’ve taken to replacing the clip-ons into the glasses box religiously after use, and also tying the glasses box to my backpack after it mysteriously fell out of my bag on the train one day. Ah, the price of being short-sighted… real sunnies look so much better!

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Daniel found something recently that I had completely forgotten about… it was the census of the OC class at Picnic Point that I created when I was in Year 6. That was 10 years ago! Did you know (or want to know) that over a third of the class liked Hanson? And what kind of an ancient TV show was Ancient Prophecies? It came in a distant second from the Simpsons, but it beat everything else. Daniel scanned it in and you can grab it here: pdf.

I also knocked up a PowerPoint presentation, just to see what it could’ve looked like if I had Office 2007 back in Year 6. It’s shiny! Take a look here: pptx, pdf.

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Some blogs are interesting. Other blogs are insightful. Others just catalogue the lives of their interesting owners. This blog pretends to be none of these.

This blog is boring. Sorry, but I’m not much of a blogger. But there are times and situations where a blog is the best way for me to write something, and this is where I’ll write it. I’m no longer a Vislabber, so my years of blogging there have come to an end… and Windows Live Spaces just doesn’t cut it. It’s crap. Yes, it’s from Microsoft, but yes, I’m saying it’s crap. For most other people, that probably translates to “I’d rather have my legs torn off”.

So what will you find on here? I’ll probably use this blog like I used to use my blog at Vislab – to keep track of progress in my Honours project, and to jot down interesting tid-bits of stuff that that I come across that I want to share with the rest of the world. Sure, my audience here will be smaller, but if you do read what I write here, let me know. Sign up to the RSS feed, or just add this to your bookmarks 😛

Ciao for now.


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