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“If we do not des­troy ourselves, we will one day ven­ture to the stars…”

And who said sci­ence can’t give mean­ing to your life, and can’t imbue you with a sense of pur­pose?

Part of me still wishes I did that phys­ics major.

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Lady K Transformation

Yay! 🙂

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Kary has a new album… which I just real­ised was released the day before her 21st birth­day. Well timed! The songs on this one are quite good, although I still like 句句我愛你 from her first album more =)

Kary In Control

(Bah, what a poor upgrade from Word­Press. If you’ve upgraded to 2.2, you’ll need to com­ment out the two lines con­tain­ing DB_​CHARSET and DB_​COLLATE in your wp-config.php oth­er­wise all your Chinese char­ac­ters will turn into jib­ber­ish.)

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On a Clear Night

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