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“If we do not des­troy ourselves, we will one day ven­ture to the stars…”

And who said sci­ence can’t give mean­ing to your life, and can’t imbue you with a sense of pur­pose?

Part of me still wishes I did that phys­ics major.

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We’ve had this up for some time, but here is the entry that Daniel, Ru Jih and I made last semester for the Filmsoc com­pet­i­tion, entitled Hello. Watch it! You will nev­er feel safe walk­ing through main cam­pus ever again!

There’s some­thing lurk­ing in the shad­ows around you…

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I pre­vi­ously noted that we found this clip on You­Tube that decried the lack of qual­ity of the UNSW Law Revue, or in the ver­nacu­lar, that said it was a piece of crap… but I said I couldn’t find it. Found it now — thanks Janet!

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… won “second-best film about a film” — yes, we did the very unori­gin­al idea of film­ing us com­ing up with a film, and by some strange coin­cid­ence (well, maybe not a coin­cid­ence, because Daniel (Tse) poin­ted out that the top­ic, “strategy”, lent itself to that inter­pret­a­tion), anoth­er team had exactly the same idea. I was cringing when I was watch­ing the second one (“oh crap”), but I must admit that they had at least put some effort into their movie (it had music for a start, what a lux­ury). Regard­less, the mak­ing of this entry afforded some insight into how dif­fi­cult it actu­ally is to a) act, and b) piece togeth­er foot­age into some­thing that resembles a movie. If it was any con­sol­a­tion, our “non-entry”, At the Movies, won “best sup­port­ing act­or” (or did they mean “best sup­port­ing movie”?). For our efforts, we picked up a copy of Dr Stran­gelove — some com­men­ted that was our only sav­ing grace, my choice of prize. 🙁 Many thanks to Daniel (Nguy­en) for his cour­ageous per­form­ance with the tongue and edit­ing prowess, and to Ru Jih for adding the requis­ite charm and cool­ness to the film.

lol fic­tion: semi-colon right brack­et: Watch on You­Tube or down­load Quick­Time file.

At the Movies: Watch on You­Tube or down­load Quick­Time file.

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Come and join Peeter as he explores the wild, scary world of the sew­er sys­tem. Sharks, law firms and slime are only some of the delights in store! Watch now!

(This was the entry for FilmSoc’s Hairy Guer­rilla film com­pet­i­tion this semester from Daniel and me. We won Best Anim­a­tion.*)

Watch it on You­Tube, or down­load the Quick­Time file loc­ally.

* out of a total of one.

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