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Year 11 Resources

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The Circular Flow of Income
Summarises the five sector flow model for individuals, businesses, governments and financial institutions.
Demand and Supply
Discusses factors affecting demand and supply, and movements along the demand and supply curves.
The Economic Problem in Australia
Provides information about the economic problem in an Australian context and the way in which it is addressed.
Basic Function of Financial Sector
Discusses economic units, types and roles of financial markets, regulatory authorities, factors affecting the demand and supply of funds, financial changes and innovations, borrowers in the debt market, debt instruments, interest rates, the cash market and effects of cash rate.
Merit and Public Goods
Distinguishes between merit and public goods, and explains why the Government is the main provider of these goods in the economy.
Labour Market Essay
Explains the labour force participation rate, factors that affect it, and its relationship to the unemployment rate.
Labour Market Assessment Task
Discusses the Australian labour market, in terms of market outcomes and the role of major labour institutions.
Market Equilibrium
Defines market equilibrium, and explains how market forces establish it and the factors that can lead to a change in equilibrium.
Class Notes
Provides detailed notes on the topic of work and employment in the economy.
The Effect of Population Ageing on the Australian Economy
Discusses the nature of the issue, implications for consumers and business, and implications for governments and policy responses.
Credits: Eric Cheung, Enoch Lau, Viktor Tanevski
Research Project/Essay
Price Elasticity
Discusses the nature of elasticity, ways to measure it and its impact on businesses and government.
Production Possibility Curves
Explains the different shapes of the production possibility curves.
Defines productivity and outlines ways to increase it.