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Although the “Area of Study” changes over time, this piece related to the film “Looking for Alibrandi” may be of some interest. I don’t have anything from Year 11 posted up, because the texts studied can vary significantly between schools.

Year 12 Module A Resources

I studied Emma and “Clueless”.

Resource Type
A Discussion of Charity in Emma and Clueless
Contrasts the positions of the wealthy and the poor, discusses the impact of materialism on self-centredness and the change in outlook of the protagonists.
Context of Emma: Social Class
How was the class system beginning to change?
Trinity Grammar 2001 Trial Question
Contains essay question and annotated sample response.

Additional essay questions:

  • (Fort Street Trial 2002) “There is a difference between transformation and transplanting. For transformations to occur there should be a reassessment of values, not just a new time and place.”
  • (Fort Street Assessment Task 2003) When we look at the transformation of an original text, we reflect on the contexts, meanings, values and attitudes of both texts, the original and the new. Discuss how your response to each text has been influenced by your reading of the other text.
  • (Fort Street Trial 2003) The process of transformation can involve the adaptations of ideas and form to contemporary situations and audiences. Compose an interview with Amy Heckerling (Clueless) about BOTH of your prescribed texts. Your interview should focus on the elements of the original that they chose to transform and give their reasons for the transformation.

Year 12 Module B Resources

I studied King Lear.

Resource Type
Value of Love in King Lear
Contains essay question and sample response on the topic of how different contexts can influence a director making decisions about love in King Lear.
Notes on Freudian, Psychoanalytical and Family Drama readings
Lists and analyses references that support these particular readings of King Lear.
Study Questions with Answers
Detailed questions with sample answers about the themes, symbols, motifs and characters in King Lear.

Additional essay questions:

  • (Fort Street Assessment Task 2003) Fort Street Press is publishing a book of critical interpretations of your set text. You have been asked to write the introduction to this book, discussing and evaluating TWO of the critical interpretations that will be published in this book.
  • (Fort Street Trial 2003) How can you explain that while you will read a text in a particular way, others may see it differently? Answer this question by referring in detail to your set text.

Year 12 Module C Resources

I studied the series “Frontline”.

Resource Type
Add Sex and Stir Notes
In this episode, we see the effects of blatant lies as well as manipulation of the truth. Do you think these lies lead to greater disasters than usual? If so, how?
Dark Victory Link to Frontline
Discusses how Dark Victory, by David Marr and Marian Wilkinson, supports the ideas expressed in Frontline.

Additional essay questions:

  • (Fort Street Trial 2003) You are a journalist addressing the National Press Club on the nature of TRUTH. Your purpose is to show how the events, personalities or situations in your prescribed text have shaped your understanding of ‘telling the truth’. You must refer to at least TWO other texts of your own choosing in your speech.
  • (Fort Street Trial 2003 – Alternative Question) “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” — Galileo Galilei. Discuss this statement in relation to your understanding of events, personalities or situations in your prescribed text and at least TWO other texts of your own choosing.