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I was going with Ru Jih to Darling Har­bour last week (she hasn’t been there before!) when we ran into the Earth from Above exhib­i­tion, a series of breath­tak­ing aer­i­al pho­to­graphs dis­played along­side the path­way from Hay­mar­ket to Darling Har­bour (adja­cent to the so-called “Urb­an Stream”). Pho­to­graphed by Yann Arthus-Ber­trand, the idea behind the exhib­i­tion is to focus atten­tion on sus­tain­able devel­op­ment, and short fact­oids about the impact of human devel­op­ment accom­pan­ied the pho­to­graphs.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any­thing like that at Darling Har­bour, or for that mat­ter, in Sydney — I was nicely sur­prised to come by it. Giv­en my recent com­ments on how Sydney feels like a dough­nut, hol­low in the centre, com­pared with Mel­bourne, I’d have to say this is a pos­it­ive step for­ward, in bring­ing some sense of “cul­ture” back into the city. Dani­elle didn’t seem to think so; on hear­ing about it, he com­men­ted, “this would be high cul­ture… what about the cul­ture that devel­ops nat­ur­ally. the vibe of a city”.

I guess you can’t please every­one. I just wished that I had known about it before — but it’s there till 26 Decem­ber if you’re inter­ested in see­ing it.

In any case, Darling Har­bour will have to wait anoth­er day; we used up all our time look­ing at the pic­tures.

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