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If you’re plan­ning to protest while the APEC legis­la­tion still stands, take note of the advice from Human Rights Mon­it­ors (I got this as a handout at the SULS APEC talk).

Some high­lights:

  • There is no leg­al oblig­a­tion to tell the pub­lic where the red areas are…
  • The legis­la­tion does not appear to provide a lim­it on how far a per­son can be escor­ted from the green area…
  • No crim­in­al con­vic­tions are neces­sary to be on the list. It is only neces­sary that the Police Com­mis­sion­er sat­is­fy him­self that a par­tic­u­lar per­son would pose ser­i­ous threats…

Giv­en the good-natured protests thus far, police con­cerns have hardly been war­ran­ted, and a please explain might be in order as to why their fears were even remotely believ­able to begin with.

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Protesters at Railway Square

Pro­test­ers protest­ing about some­thing at Rail­way Square: pass­ers-by (like me) seemed to treat them as a curi­ous spec­tacle with all our cam­era phones instead of pon­der­ing whatever mes­sage they were try­ing to get through. (I tried to work out what they were try­ing to say, but I couldn’t work it out. Prob­ably “Bush Sucks” or some para­phras­ing there­of.)

An insane num­ber of police — every­one was well behaved though. I saw an officer record­ing the entire thing on tape — prob­ably not for fun­ni­est home videos. I was going to take a photo of him but I remembered the lady from Red­fern Leg­al Centre at the SULS APEC talk — “there’s only one crime, and that’s piss­ing off a police officer.”

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The singing, dan­cing extra­vag­anza that is the SULS Law Revue is back in town, and judging from pre­vi­ous years, this was one revue that I couldn’t miss. (I’ve also been miss­ing my daily dose of law while doing hon­ours, so I just had to go!) I still recall last year’s French Hakka, and the oh-so-wrong Kirby sing-and-dance — and both of these left me with high expect­a­tions about what my peers can do (while dressed and undressed).

Shred — the greatest story in lit­ig­a­tion ever told — star­ted with the cast telling us about Aus­trali­an val­ues in lyr­ic­al fash­ion. I had hoped for some­thing about Shrek, or even some­thing about Shred, but no, we didn’t get any­thing related to the title this year apart from a mal­func­tion­ing fax machine that hap­pens to eat doc­u­ments later on. The first half of the revue was a bit flat I thought. As many com­men­ted, the ideas behind the skits and the jokes were fant­ast­ic, but the exe­cu­tion was lack­ing: the jokes cli­maxed at the start or in the middle, the punch-lines often lack­ing. The songs were premised on what could’ve been really great ideas, but the words in them just didn’t carry the amuse­ment through­out. Law stu­dents are said to be left while at uni, and right when they start work­ing, but the Lib­er­al horse was flogged well bey­ond death dur­ing the show.

I guess they saved the best till last, for the second half almost made up for what was lack­ing in the first. The anti-pir­acy video (a par­ody of the ones you see before movies) was so hil­ari­ous (“copy­right is… a chose in action”), but accord­ing to Daniel, the idea was copied from the UQ law revue. We heard a song about the snail in the ginger beer bottle from Donoghue v Steven­son, and the Face­book pray­er (“deliv­er us from MySpace”). Back­yard Blitzkrieg trans­formed back­yards and Hitler’s words to great effect. Oh, and the nude scene… a tra­di­tion, but the best I can say about it is that it has poten­tial to be worked a little deep­er. The end­ing was a sav­ing grace though: the APEC song (to the tune of YMCA) was well writ­ten and car­ried the joke through­out.

I’d have to say that this year’s wasn’t the best Law Revue I’ve seen, but as the Dir­ect­or noted in the offi­cial pro­gramme, this year saw the depar­ture of much of the tal­ent from last year. I expect the lame, tacky or tact­less joke or two in a revue, but as with all jokes, tim­ing is of the essence. If the bet­ter skits are any­thing to go by, we should have plenty to laugh ourselves silly in com­ing years. Still, the law revue is a qual­ity pro­duc­tion, and a night well spent — I’d recom­men­ded see­ing it.

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