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I thought the sky almost fell down just then when I went to my gallery2 install­a­tion (/​gallery) and saw that it had a data­base error. “Noooo!!! I’ll have to spend hours rein­stalling and upload­ing again!” The error in ques­tion was

An error has occurred while inter­act­ing with the data­base.

If you get this error, don’t pan­ic. For me, it turned out that one of the data­base tables was cor­rup­ted and needed repair­ing. Log in to phpMy­Ad­min or to the mysql con­sole and check wheth­er any of the tables are lis­ted as cor­rupt. In my case, it turned out to be g2_CacheMap.

I snooped around some for­ums, and in the threads that had responses (a lot of for­ums have ques­tions left unanswered unfor­tu­nately), it seems like the blame lies with your host hav­ing a bad mysql setup or bad hard drives that cor­rupt at ran­dom. Shame on you, Blue­host.

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