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At around 3am Sydney time, YouTube went down:

Google’s monkeys are still slaving away at it as I write this. And it looks like it’s just affecting Australia:

For future reference, if you’ve got a box outside Australia with ssh access, you can always quickly set up a proxy like so:

ssh -D 1337

This sets up a SOCKS proxy on localhost (your own computer) at port 1337 (substitute port number to taste) – then simply point your browser at it. With this, I verified that the YouTube outage at the very least didn’t affect the United States, by ssh-ing into, which is hosted in the US.

Related post from a while ago: Silverhawks: Getting around content restrictions. (Using -D with ssh is easier than the method with Privoxy mentioned in that post, though.)

Happy Australia Day.

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I thought the sky almost fell down just then when I went to my gallery2 installation (/gallery) and saw that it had a database error. “Noooo!!! I’ll have to spend hours reinstalling and uploading again!” The error in question was

An error has occurred while interacting with the database.

If you get this error, don’t panic. For me, it turned out that one of the database tables was corrupted and needed repairing. Log in to phpMyAdmin or to the mysql console and check whether any of the tables are listed as corrupt. In my case, it turned out to be g2_CacheMap.

I snooped around some forums, and in the threads that had responses (a lot of forums have questions left unanswered unfortunately), it seems like the blame lies with your host having a bad mysql setup or bad hard drives that corrupt at random. Shame on you, Bluehost.

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A joke about having lots and lots of tiny letters after your name? Or just someone incompetent who expected modern printing technology to magically know what you’re trying to print?

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