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We’ve had this up for some time, but here is the entry that Daniel, Ru Jih and I made last semester for the Filmsoc competition, entitled Hello. Watch it! You will never feel safe walking through main campus ever again!

There’s something lurking in the shadows around you…

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… won “second-best film about a film” – yes, we did the very unoriginal idea of filming us coming up with a film, and by some strange coincidence (well, maybe not a coincidence, because Daniel (Tse) pointed out that the topic, “strategy”, lent itself to that interpretation), another team had exactly the same idea. I was cringing when I was watching the second one (“oh crap”), but I must admit that they had at least put some effort into their movie (it had music for a start, what a luxury). Regardless, the making of this entry afforded some insight into how difficult it actually is to a) act, and b) piece together footage into something that resembles a movie. If it was any consolation, our “non-entry”, At the Movies, won “best supporting actor” (or did they mean “best supporting movie”?). For our efforts, we picked up a copy of Dr Strangelove – some commented that was our only saving grace, my choice of prize. 🙁 Many thanks to Daniel (Nguyen) for his courageous performance with the tongue and editing prowess, and to Ru Jih for adding the requisite charm and coolness to the film.

lol fiction: semi-colon right bracket: Watch on YouTube or download QuickTime file.

At the Movies: Watch on YouTube or download QuickTime file.

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Come and join Peeter as he explores the wild, scary world of the sewer system. Sharks, law firms and slime are only some of the delights in store! Watch now!

(This was the entry for FilmSoc’s Hairy Guerrilla film competition this semester from Daniel and me. We won Best Animation.*)

Watch it on YouTube, or download the QuickTime file locally.

* out of a total of one.

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