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What Would High-Speed Rail Do to Sub­urb­an Sprawl? It’s often impli­citly assumed that rail travel is bene­fi­cial in and of itself, but this New York Times blog post argues that the con­struc­tion of high-speed rail in the US — mooted as part of the stim­u­lus pro­gramme — could actu­ally foster urb­an sprawl.

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With Fin­ance Dis­graced, Which Career Will Be King?: A cor­rec­tion for the bet­ter, I would say. It’s fant­ast­ic that invest­ment bankers con­nect people with money to people with ideas, and busi­ness con­sult­ants optim­ise busi­nesses, but ulti­mately someone has to come up with the ideas — and someone has to run the busi­nesses that pro­duces valu­able out­put for there to be busi­nesses to optim­ise.

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I was savour­ing the delight­ful descrip­tions of one of my favour­ite dishes, laksa, in this New York Times art­icle, when I almost choked upon this sur­pris­ing fact­oid:

Curry laksa is hugely pop­u­lar in Aus­tralia, espe­cially Sydney, where the pan-Asi­an culin­ary influ­ence has turned “let’s go for a laksa” into com­mon post-pub par­lance.

Per­haps I don’t go to pubs often enough, but is this really so?

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Since every­one else seems to be blog­ging about the elec­tion, I might as well jump on the band­wag­on as well.

While I was watch­ing a McCain-Pal­in inter­view on the New York Times web­site, it happened to freeze right at this moment:

If you use your ima­gin­a­tion a little, that’s how McCain might look like if he were to suf­fer a slight mis­hap while driv­ing.

In any case, nointrigue​.com for Obama! For all it’s worth, giv­en I don’t actu­ally have a vote…

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Flounder­ing in a sea of change: I still con­sider the New York Times to be the pin­nacle of journ­al­ism, but is it flounder­ing because of the col­lapse of the old guard, and “the cost struc­tures and priv­ileges of the old media are being swept away”?

09 Sep 2008 | 1 comment