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What Would High-Speed Rail Do to Suburban Sprawl? It’s often implicitly assumed that rail travel is beneficial in and of itself, but this New York Times blog post argues that the construction of high-speed rail in the US — mooted as part of the stimulus programme — could actually foster urban sprawl.

19 Aug 2009 | No comments

With Finance Disgraced, Which Career Will Be King?: A correction for the better, I would say. It’s fantastic that investment bankers connect people with money to people with ideas, and business consultants optimise businesses, but ultimately someone has to come up with the ideas — and someone has to run the businesses that produces valuable output for there to be businesses to optimise.

16 Apr 2009 | No comments

I was savouring the delightful descriptions of one of my favourite dishes, laksa, in this New York Times article, when I almost choked upon this surprising factoid:

Curry laksa is hugely popular in Australia, especially Sydney, where the pan-Asian culinary influence has turned “let’s go for a laksa” into common post-pub parlance.

Perhaps I don’t go to pubs often enough, but is this really so?

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Since everyone else seems to be blogging about the election, I might as well jump on the bandwagon as well.

While I was watching a McCain-Palin interview on the New York Times website, it happened to freeze right at this moment:

If you use your imagination a little, that’s how McCain might look like if he were to suffer a slight mishap while driving.

In any case, nointrigue.com for Obama! For all it’s worth, given I don’t actually have a vote…

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Floundering in a sea of change: I still consider the New York Times to be the pinnacle of journalism, but is it floundering because of the collapse of the old guard, and “the cost structures and privileges of the old media are being swept away”?

09 Sep 2008 | 1 comment