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I have two main prob­lems with clean­ing my room: get­ting dust up my nose so that I end up sneez­ing for the next three hours, and find­ing things from the past.

Extrac­ted from the Year 6 Year­book from all the way back in 1997:


It really is quite reveal­ing when you read what you wrote back in Year 6. Some­how I wanted to be a law­yer and liked most sports. What was I think­ing?


What I found most inter­est­ing were the sim­il­ar­it­ies. I think I must’ve copied Daniel because I didn’t know what to write.

Update: Daniel says that what he meant in his pro­file about being a doc­tor and not a G.P. is not that he wants to become a spe­cial­ist sur­geon, but to get a PhD. He’s well on his way there. And Anupam’s pro­file was rather sim­il­ar too — which sug­gests that the three of us wrote it togeth­er. Remem­ber, ADE4AID and Han­son, Daniel, or am I dig­ging too deep now?


Daniel found some­thing recently that I had com­pletely for­got­ten about… it was the census of the OC class at Pic­nic Point that I cre­ated when I was in Year 6. That was 10 years ago! Did you know (or want to know) that over a third of the class liked Han­son? And what kind of an ancient TV show was Ancient Proph­ecies? It came in a dis­tant second from the Simpsons, but it beat everything else. Daniel scanned it in and you can grab it here: pdf.

I also knocked up a Power­Point present­a­tion, just to see what it could’ve looked like if I had Office 2007 back in Year 6. It’s shiny! Take a look here: pptx, pdf.

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