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It would be amiss of me not to post at least once dur­ing the month of Decem­ber, but post­ing on the last day of 2007, that’s what I’ve almost done.

It’s reti­cent of me not to have pos­ted reg­u­larly recently, as I prom­ised to do earli­er on. How­ever, blog­ging is some­thing that requires momentum — for me at least, once I start writ­ing, I can’t stop, but it’s get­ting star­ted that’s the prob­lem. Maybe that’s why my law assign­ments always get writ­ten so late. I lost momentum in the lead-up to hon­ours thes­is sub­mis­sion and then the inab­il­ity of the older ver­sion of Opera to cooper­ate with Word­Press while I was in Hong Kong was a bit of a showstop­per. But maybe I’m just mak­ing up excuses.

Writ­ing reg­u­larly is a good thing to do: I think, like muscles, writ­ing abil­ity gets lost if you don’t use it. Joel Spol­sky, a prom­in­ent soft­ware developer and writer who any­one inter­ested in the busi­ness of soft­ware should read, men­tioned in his blog that one of the best courses he ever took at uni­ver­sity was one that involved copi­ous amounts of writ­ing: “Being able to write clearly on tech­nic­al top­ics is the dif­fer­ence between being a grunt indi­vidu­al con­trib­ut­or pro­gram­mer and being a lead­er”.

I’ll try and regain some momentum in the imme­di­ate future, and I hope that I’ll regain your trust as read­ers.*

* The less I write, the less people read my blog (as meas­ured by the stat­ist­ics I get). Makes sense doesn’t it?

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it’s over. sleep now.

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Tick tock
There’s no way to stop the clock

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Oh dear, how did it get to here.

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I haven’t blogged for over an entire month, and I’ve been want­ing to blog, because I love blog­ging but things in RL have con­spired to take me away from here. I have a whole list of things I want to blog about, and I have a few posts queued up wait­ing to be fin­ished, but I think they’ll have to wait until after everything is done for this semester.


What an awful concept. They’re hard to write.

If I were a world dic­tat­or, I’d change the onus from writers to read­ers for con­struct­ing coher­ent argu­ments and struc­tur­ing prose. 🙂 We’re already doing you the favour of find­ing all the mater­i­al to talk about — why should we also both­er to present it nicely?

Sigh. Well, it’s been an inter­est­ing year, and I have no regrets tak­ing a year off law to do hon­ours. I’ll blog more about that later, when I have the pleas­ure of reflect­ing back in a stress-free envir­on­ment.

Sign­ing off for prob­ably anoth­er couple of weeks…

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