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It would be amiss of me not to post at least once during the month of December, but posting on the last day of 2007, that’s what I’ve almost done.

It’s reticent of me not to have posted regularly recently, as I promised to do earlier on. However, blogging is something that requires momentum – for me at least, once I start writing, I can’t stop, but it’s getting started that’s the problem. Maybe that’s why my law assignments always get written so late. I lost momentum in the lead-up to honours thesis submission and then the inability of the older version of Opera to cooperate with WordPress while I was in Hong Kong was a bit of a showstopper. But maybe I’m just making up excuses.

Writing regularly is a good thing to do: I think, like muscles, writing ability gets lost if you don’t use it. Joel Spolsky, a prominent software developer and writer who anyone interested in the business of software should read, mentioned in his blog that one of the best courses he ever took at university was one that involved copious amounts of writing: “Being able to write clearly on technical topics is the difference between being a grunt individual contributor programmer and being a leader”.

I’ll try and regain some momentum in the immediate future, and I hope that I’ll regain your trust as readers.*

* The less I write, the less people read my blog (as measured by the statistics I get). Makes sense doesn’t it?

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it’s over. sleep now.

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Tick tock
There’s no way to stop the clock

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Oh dear, how did it get to here.

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I haven’t blogged for over an entire month, and I’ve been wanting to blog, because I love blogging but things in RL have conspired to take me away from here. I have a whole list of things I want to blog about, and I have a few posts queued up waiting to be finished, but I think they’ll have to wait until after everything is done for this semester.


What an awful concept. They’re hard to write.

If I were a world dictator, I’d change the onus from writers to readers for constructing coherent arguments and structuring prose. 🙂 We’re already doing you the favour of finding all the material to talk about – why should we also bother to present it nicely?

Sigh. Well, it’s been an interesting year, and I have no regrets taking a year off law to do honours. I’ll blog more about that later, when I have the pleasure of reflecting back in a stress-free environment.

Signing off for probably another couple of weeks…

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